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Working with Fibromyalgia

I have started this blog as a way to journal and understand my journey with Fibromyalgia and the impact that I am experiencing on aspects of my life.

One of those aspects in my life that has been impacted is my job or has my job impacted my health? Either way I now have to work deliberately and thoughtfully to ensure I am able to continue my work and not become too tired or in much pain.

I have worked in Children's Social Care for about three years which is quite a stressful job. Which comes with emotional and physical stressors which does then impact my health and pain threshold.

When I first started thinking that I had symptoms to that of ME or Fibromyalgia and trying to get a diagnosis. I was also having an occupational therapist assessment, at work it was agreed I would work a nine day fortnight and start work later and work slightly later as a result to ensure that I am still working full time.

I know as a person I am slightly better in the evenings than I am in the morning. Only slightly though!

I have changed my job slightly to ensure that I can still do the work that I trained to do and enjoy doing. Despite having Fibromyalgia, I have still been able to do my job albeit slightly different than what I first imagined however I am still able to use my degree. However, it does put my social life on the back foot. I have discussed this in a previous blog.

It does feel really difficult and it is almost a loss of the impact of chronic illness can have on our employment and lives is a constant theme and something that can be incredibly difficult to a. comprehend and b. come to terms with.

What have you done to enable you are still able to work?

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