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Rest, Rest and More Rest...

So much like last week, I am feeling pretty exhausted and work has been intense this week; as a result this weekend is a gentle weekend.

That is a theme with Fibromyalgia; chronic illnesses in general.

I think it was something, I had not quite appreciated the amount of rest that I needed to work. I describe it to the lifestyle of a cat! Doing one activity and then resting or pacing. However pacing is so difficult. I am not able to pace at all during my working week resulting in my weekends feeling like I collapse!

Before my diagnosis, I was quite an active person, very independent and busy. To go from that person to needing to rest consistently is hard and having to describe it to people is even harder. Individuals do not understand and they do not understand, I remember I was one of those people before my diagnosis. I would try and understand however I really did not get it and now I do.

Resting is hard but it is necessary for our mind and healing. I have struggled with resting and then push my body even more, however when this happens I take even longer to recover.

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