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Brain fog? What is this? and how to combat it.

Brain fog, is such an inconvenience and makes our lives even more difficult than they already are.

When I first had suspicions that I had something along the lines of Fibromyalgia or ME or CFS and I was researching the symptoms, I first heard of Brain Fog. I did not have the foggiest (excuse the pun) of what they meant by this and the impact it had on us and our day to day life.

At first I thought it meant, I would forget things easily. Then as time went on I realised I was struggling to think of my words, I struggled to concentrate on activities and work, I struggled processing information, I struggled to problem solve. As well as having memory problems.

Brain fog is a serious issue and creates many problems in day to day life. At work, I find it the most problematic. To make it easier, I try and rest as much as I can. I keep a thesaurus open on my internet browser so when writing reports I can regularly look up words to find the ones I am actually needing! I try and have regular breaks away from my desk to help my concentration span. Lists are my best friend, however I often forget to write them- how ironic! However, when I do remember to write them, it is very satisfactory to cross an item off of the list because you have completed it.

I had a Harry Potter marathon (I am quite a fan) the other day which was great-apologies if you do not like Harry Potter, or have no idea what I am talking about. However in the Half Blood Prince, Luna Lovegood talked about Wrackspurts. Wrackspurts are invisible and fly through your eyes and create momentary confusion. In Harry Potter, they believe to get rid of Wrackspurts you need to think positive thoughts! When I heard of this creature in Harry Potter, I thought it described Brain fog quite well!

I am sure many of you want to get rid of your wrackspurt's/ brain fog, unfortunatley, I think many of us will attest that positive thinking does not get rid of them. I wish it would, it would certainly make life easier!

The only thing that helps limit my wrackspurts/ brain fog is more rest, however I know this is so difficult to do due to the nature of our illness.

Whilst I am in a flare, I quite often forget things however routine helps. For example, I ensure I take my medication at the same time during the week and I set an alarm at weekends in particular because I don't have a routine at weekends. Eating healthy helps as well, I often find it difficult when I have low energy to eat healthily. Therefore, I often have to remind myself and have some quick and easy healthy meals.

Keep safe everyone, what helps keep your wrackspurts/ brain fog at bay? Do you have any other tips?

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